Tuesday, 28 August 2007

Love is in the air

To my dearest (everybody),

Please forgive me if I do not know how to express my feeling or show my action. As we read from the recent newspapers, the Chinese always do not show or do not know how to show their feeling and love. But I strongly believe that love is in the air. It is soundless, like the nature love given from our parents. It overwhelmly and inundatedly flows through every part of my body and blending into my blood.

Sometimes it may behave like a rebellion teenager as I felt being treated as adopted child or not treated fairly. If you could read between the lines, you could still feel how strong my attachment to it.

Love is such a nice word that I cherish most in my life. I found it at the very first moment in my mother's arm when I came to this world, without expressing a single word. I breathe with it all the times in my whole life even though it is not acknowledged or recognised by somebody else, but I know I'm in love.

I love all of you as love is nature of human being. Love is the foundation of a complete life, a wonderful family, a strong country and the harmonious universal world.

Love is in the air!!

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